Thursday, 6 November 2008


We got feedback from others in the Media class in which they gave both good points and points that could be improved upon.

One of the few things praised through the feedback was the soundtrack used - "Music fitted the theme".
Camera angles were also noted as a strength, along with the use of a steady moving camera shot.
All evaluating groups liked the use of fading & focusing in titles as well as their positioning.
The use of props and
Mise En Scéne was praised, also.

Things to improve upon
One specific thing that we were told was the lighting. One group said that the whole piece would have looked better if it was in a darker atmosphere.
More tension building needed, especially as it was "too long".

Friday, 24 October 2008


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Font samples

These are a few ideas and samples of fonts for our titles in our thriller piece.
The fonts used in these samples are listed below.

1] Cracked
2] Survival Horror
3] Broken Ghost
4] Distorted and Scratched

We have decided to use the third font named Broken Ghost because it has a blood stained appearance and it stands out but not to the point that it is hard to read such as Survival Horror. Font one and four seem fairly average and bland, therefore they do not give a big enough impact to the viewer.

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Monday, 13 October 2008

Thriller Animatic

The story is of a detective looking through files and pictures to find the killer.

We are going to have various props (books, files etc...) to create a detective atmosphere.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Thriller Animatic

Story board 1. Lots of different camera angles and different shot types etc... After each clip there is a credit

Story board 2. Pictures of the 'Killer', different
angle shots.

Story board 3. Final shots

GarageBand Music

This is a screenshot of our GarageBand-made music piece to go with our Thriller video.

It is a fairly slow yet long lasting Piano solo, which ends with an orchestra. The length of this piece of music is around 60 seconds.

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Friday, 3 October 2008

Thriller Project Credits

A Hysteria Productions Presents
An Endstone Film
(Cast 1) James Blake
(Cast 2) Alan Caster
(Cast 3) Freya Land
Costume Design by Russell Cann
Art Direction by Ruth Mendun
Production Design by Jeremiah Kashey
Casting by Laurence Smith
Film Editing by Nick Reyes
Cinematography by Kayleigh Tunwell
Original Music by Susannah Trawley
Produced by Tracy Chakelmen
Directed by Lewis Endstone
(Main Title) Crimson Fall

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Student Video- Thriller Example

The camera was well placed to capture the close up shots of the doll which gives an eerie out look to the viewer. There was one occasion where the camera was hand held and was shaken before the scene was cut.

The editing was produced well with the quick shot effects of different locations in the same room. The flickering effect on the videos gives the impression that the location is set in an old house.

The props used in this video gave the impression that the scene is set in an abandoned house with only the one mysterious character who's shadow is the only glimpse we see. The doll is some how brought to life with the different lighting effects and positioning of the doll.

The soundtrack of the video was very effective and adds to the eerie atmosphere as it consists of only chimes and violin.

Student Thriller Example - Rohypnol


In Rohypnol, the camera work was deliberately unsteady to create a sense of Action & Drama.
The video was masterfully edited to further the mood of action with translucent layers and fades in a "double-vision" style.
The clip was very stylised and although there were little props, apart from the car, the dark setting presented a realistic 'thrilling' atmosphere.
The backing soundtrack was relatively eerie and fitted well with what was shown on screen. The woman's exasperated breaths also added to the atmosphere.
The titles were original, as they moved across the screen a little, although it did not fit the type of clip they made. Because some were placed at the bottom of the screen, it was as if they were subtitles which had detrimental effect on the setting.
Overall, Rohypnol was a well edited clip although there were still improvements that could have been made.

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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Silence Of The Lambs

'The Silence Of The Lambs' begins with an unknown woman running through the misty woods and the viewer gets the feeling that they might be watching a victim because of the ominous setting, but suddenly we see her running on an assault course.

The viewer then realises that we are in fact watching the protagonist of the film. we also find out later as the video proceeds that the woman is an FBI agent. At one point another FBI appears and tells the woman to go the office. We see the main character pass through the HQ and see other male agents part taking in training exercises. She enters an office and witnesses some photos on the wall of previous victims of violent crimes. The viewer assumes the protagonist has some knowledge of the crimes.

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